Friday, August 26, 2011



I just got NubbleNut™ Nancy's right arm attached and I'm headed outside (we have perfect natural lighting as I'm typing so I gotta hurry!) to take pics. I still have a little more typing on her pattern and then she'll be ready to post!

I will let you know the SECOND I get her pattern up in my Etsy store. It won't be as much a Sally (Sally has clothes too!) probably around $3.00 or so.

She's an easy knit and I have a couple kids sitting around who can't wait to get their hands on her pattern, so I'm hoping the rest of ya'll can't wait too!

I'm also double checking the Alexi and Arnie Alien patterns and will try to have those in the store soon as well. I know at least a couple of people who are chompin' at the bit to try those so I promise to not take too much longer.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Keep your chin up…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!

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