Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Forward

As I continue working on the patterns I desperately want to upload here and share, the crazy of life continues.

The last month in our household has proved trying as many changes have taken place. We're adjusting to changing schedules, misfortunes, blessings and dealing with cleanup from previous rain storms.

But nothing as devastating as the tornado that tore through Joplin. Their needs and survival have overtaken everyone's thoughts and prayers. Merely comprehending it overwhelms the creativity waiting to happen. It turns my need to write patterns back to graphic designing for the many benefits and relief funds started to help those in need.

I am not always able to go and do, but I can pray and help spread the word. Sometimes it doesn't seem like much, but then sometimes it's more than I could ever imagine.

The Hubs™ took a journey to ground zero with a group from our church to help clean up debris and search for survivors. The rain continues to come and go halting relief and clean-up efforts, but they plod on searching for those not accounted for. Our group is scheduled to return this evening, but I know others are planning on heading out taking their weekend vacations to help others in need.

Many from our small little community have reached out by donating items or sending groups to aid in the recovery. Just as we all band together for our neighbors right here around us, Joplin isn't all that far away and are still like family to us. After all we're all Missourians and Americans.

It also makes us realize that it could've been us, after all, in our little part of the world we're not strangers to tornadoes. The Hubs™ and I delivered a cake last year with one right on our tail and we didn't even realize it!

So while keeping the tragedies and triumphs on our minds and hearts, I will continue to work on posting some patterns in the very near future. I hope to have at least a couple posted by the first part of next week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend…and don't party too hard… you could poke yourself in the eye with a knitting needle!! It's all fun and games until that happens…and then, it's just…well…

Have a great one!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


All right, it’s finally sunny and NOT hot!! There has also been much stress lifted from our household as God is AWESOME in his promises.

This positive change leads to much creativity flowing around so as I begin to get some of my knitting, crocheting and crafty patterns pulled together, I shall start uploading a few here and there for FREE.

As I begin to get my Etsy shop in order and set up, I will also be posting those links for some of my more extensive creations for purchase.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as one of my largest projects has just begun and I’m feeling just a smidge overwhelmed even though there’s an entire outlined plan in place. It seems daunting and a bit nuts to put on hold daily chores to sit down and focus on this project, but I know it has to be done for me to get anything accomplished on it. 

I mean really…DON’T do the dishes so they’re sitting there LATER to catch up on? People who know me KNOW I detest doing dishes, but they still have to be done. I do have to commend The Hubs™ for stepping in and taking on some of the chore duties that are on MY list.

Enough of that…

So as the public school year winds down, my children (who are being home schooled this year) have asked to continue their studies well into the summer. This may sound crazy, but I think they’re starting to dig being able to think for themselves. They had all their studies completed before noon today and now the pressure is on for me to grade them!!

I just hope during the summer the neighbor kids don’t mind having to wait for my kids to play because of school work being finished. But then, maybe I shouldn’t worry about that…maybe I should worry the neighbor kids want to learn too and then I must plan MORE lessons (which is never really THAT bad! :O)

Okay, I know you’re wondering who CatDog is so I shall explain…

In March of last year (2010), my family adopted a long-haired Siamese kitty named Rascal. Well, to make this story short, he acts more like a dog than a cat. I mean, he’s a cat, but he ACTS like a dog (and I blame my brother for having two beagles for him to learn from!) He sits and begs, runs to the door when anyone comes to it and I swear he’d bark if he could. The ONLY thing he does cat-like is sit on the back of my computer chair when I’m working with a big paw on my shoulder. He’d sit in my lap if I’d let him, but he keeps me from typing because of his endless need for attention. Our other cats are happy to just be in the same room, but not Rascal, he has a dog’s need for attention!!!

So we’ve affectionately deemed him our CatDog!!

That being said and time to wrap this up…

As Spring turns to Summer and my blog turns to more creative ideas, I hope you all come back, use some of my ideas and please, share some of yours with me too!!