Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Forward

As I continue working on the patterns I desperately want to upload here and share, the crazy of life continues.

The last month in our household has proved trying as many changes have taken place. We're adjusting to changing schedules, misfortunes, blessings and dealing with cleanup from previous rain storms.

But nothing as devastating as the tornado that tore through Joplin. Their needs and survival have overtaken everyone's thoughts and prayers. Merely comprehending it overwhelms the creativity waiting to happen. It turns my need to write patterns back to graphic designing for the many benefits and relief funds started to help those in need.

I am not always able to go and do, but I can pray and help spread the word. Sometimes it doesn't seem like much, but then sometimes it's more than I could ever imagine.

The Hubs™ took a journey to ground zero with a group from our church to help clean up debris and search for survivors. The rain continues to come and go halting relief and clean-up efforts, but they plod on searching for those not accounted for. Our group is scheduled to return this evening, but I know others are planning on heading out taking their weekend vacations to help others in need.

Many from our small little community have reached out by donating items or sending groups to aid in the recovery. Just as we all band together for our neighbors right here around us, Joplin isn't all that far away and are still like family to us. After all we're all Missourians and Americans.

It also makes us realize that it could've been us, after all, in our little part of the world we're not strangers to tornadoes. The Hubs™ and I delivered a cake last year with one right on our tail and we didn't even realize it!

So while keeping the tragedies and triumphs on our minds and hearts, I will continue to work on posting some patterns in the very near future. I hope to have at least a couple posted by the first part of next week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend…and don't party too hard… you could poke yourself in the eye with a knitting needle!! It's all fun and games until that happens…and then, it's just…well…

Have a great one!


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