Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Feeling

So it's super late and I should probably be in bed, but I am furiously working on items I have promised I will post.

Notice the new header! I'm super excited about it and I believe it screams "ME!"

I sketched it on Tuesday afternoon while waiting for pages to load (I'm the graphic designer for our local newspaper) and then when we came in from our first of many summer softball & baseball games I finished coloring and inking it. It's been awhile since I've really been able to sit down and just drawn letting that talent run free. I have to admit it, it was a WONDERFUL FEELING!!!

My daughter was a little bummed I didn't color the girl's hair blonde, after all, her 'crazy hair day do' is what inspired the name of all my creative things in the first place. I did promise her I would draw my ME a friend and she would look like her. The Blonde One™ has been wearing piggy tails as of late and I feel her character may be going more in that direction…so we shall see.

On to other wonderful feelings, I will be wrapping up the design layout for a FREE pattern and hopefully I'll get to upload it during Wednesday. I so badly wanted to have it up here already, but this and that happens and that knitting gets puts on hold by day-to-day things.

I refuse to allow my wonderful feeling to be disturbed by all the crazy. I must remain positive for that is the only way to truly continue to accomplish things. I know when I get cranky I get nothing accomplished but complaining and that negative feeling just continues to fester and rub off on others and then spreads like wildfire. Not good…so we'll just skip it.

Anywho, I hope you guys like the direction this blog is going. I will continue to work on getting some patterns on here and when I do, please make sure to get me some feedback. I also would love to see how your projects from them turn out.

Take it easy and keep creating!!!


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