Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MASSIVE EXCITEMENT (for me anyway!!! :O)

Okay, so everybody has a website these days, right?

Um…no, I didn't until just recently. And I might add it seems to have taken some doing to get it up and going, but we actually published it last night and it is currently live for viewing.

The very first thing I need to do here is thank God for giving me the creative talent to pull this together. I've always wanted to do something like this, but maybe He was just waiting for the right time to allow me to run with it. He DOES have His own reasons for doing things the way He does!!!

Second of all, I want to thank The Hubs™ for his unending support the last few weeks. He's tirelessly done dishes and laundry and told the kids to keep it down and not bother mom while she's "creating!" I still have things to do here, yes, but at least my family thinks this is "kewl" and are having fun with it as well.

My children have also gotten to have some input into things so they feel a creative connection to this opportunity they may never have had. It's really pulled our family closer by sitting around throwing out ideas and thinking of all the places this could go, but reminding ourselves that the ultimate direction is pointed out by God and we must follow His will and go where He takes us.

I am currently illustrating a children's book titled with the same name and my daughter and I discussed writing a song to accompany it. It's a work in progress, but we'll keep you updated about possible publishing dates, etc. not only here, but on the site as well.

I'm also going to continue to write patterns, some will be free, some will be for sale in my Etsy shop, but all of it may be accessed through the new site.

So without further adieu, here is the address for the new site. Check it out and let us know what you think!!


And until the next time, keep a smile on your face…

even if you have Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day!