Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Relay For Life Week!!!

Okay, so I haven't really gotten in much knitting this week. Well, I should say I haven't gotten much pattern writing accomplished and I must apologize for not having a couple of new patterns uploaded by now. I have a few written, it's the getting them typed so others can read them that's the issue!

It's the week of our Relay for Life and I have much to do to get prepared for the end of the week.

I have other commitments throughout the week that seems to have just put knitting on hold.

I am the graphic designer for our local newspaper and Monday and Tuesday are deadline days for us, so I don't get much knitting in there.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during June we have baseball and softball games. I must go and root on my favorite players (MY KIDS!) but I also help coach my daughter's team, so there's no getting out of going for me!!!

But back to Relay prep…

Our church's team is doing a "Bakery" theme and since I also do specialty cakes and have the "baker" in me (SOMEWHERE) I guess they're counting on me to pull this off so the next few days I will be eyeball deep in sugar and flour instead of knitting needles and yarn!! I always look forward to getting into the kitchen and utilizing some of my culinary skills, but I'm doubling what I produced for our last bake sale and let's just say I might not be sleeping until SATURDAY!!!

I am also semi-in charge of decorating, that's where those design skills come into play!!!

And to end on an uplifting note or two…

Even though I'm extremely busy, I have taken time out for the things that matter such as…

My daughter's team at their LAST TIME UP TO BAT came from behind and WON THE GAME!! It was  a very close game and I must commend the other team for playing very well as my daughter does have friends on that team and they just played their hearts out (and had a second game right after the one with us!!!)

My daughter decided, of her own accord, to clean up the living room (even vacuuming!) this evening. No, she did not clean it to MY standards, but the mere fact she took an interest in helping me out by doing it on her own is such a blessing. It makes me believe that I've taught her something she just may have retained and can utilize in her future!! And, yes, I took pictures! :O)

Well, maybe by staying up all night on Friday, when I'm not walking (and because I'm almost positive that a 2-Liter of Mtn. Dew will come into play SOMWHERE and I won't be tired) I can get a couple more patterns accomplished and get them on here soon.

Ya'll take care and keep a smile on your face…
even if you're having Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day!!!

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