Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Activities and Memories

Well…this is a first…for this summer anyway. We're already home from the ball field.

The reason it seems I have strayed from knitting and writing patterns this month is due to many things, mainly summer ball games. I have a son on a baseball team and I am assistant coaching my daughter's team and it seems that between games and practice we LIVE at the ball field.

Oh well…it will be over soon as we only have a couple of more weeks of games left to play. I believe the yearly practice is to get all the games finished before the real heat of summer hits (then what have we already been having?!!!!)

I have been working on some patterns in what little spare time I've had left. I will be uploading a couple for sale within the next few days…a couple of aliens. One pattern is for single point needles and the other is for DPNs for those who love to knit in the round. You can mix and match yarn to make them whatever colors you please, but as in patterns past, I do have what I used listed in the pattern. I will let everyone know when I've got them ready and then I will post them on the Ravelry, Craftsy and all those other sites.

But remember…the ones coming up next are for sale. I will try to get another free one together soon!

I'm really excited about what I've been working on the past few days…the pattern for Sally Gooden!!! She's coming along nicely and I think that once I get her finished, it will be easier to finish illustrating my children's book.

It seems that I have so many ideas running in circles around in my head that I am unable to capture and accomplish them all in one shot.  So I guess that means I must remain a Wonder Woman for a bit longer! :O)

Today has been a difficult one for me…I don't really enjoy discussing it. It's the anniversary of my daddy's death and when he lost his fight to cancer.

I got cornered at the ball field tonight and forced to listen to someone talk about it and I'm going to admit it, I didn't really appreciate it. I was there for my daughter's ball game not to talk about the loss of my dad.

However, I guess it's time to share…

My dad was one of my best friends and I could share anything with him. It breaks my heart that my kids never got to share in his laughter, for he truly was a bid kid at heart. He seemed to always be working, but still took time to laugh and I never remember anything but a smile on his face. Even at the darkest hour, he still had a smile…

So in memory of my dad here is a poem I wrote several years ago with a picture of him with my twin sister and me…

I'm going to keep smiling even thought today I have Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day.

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