Monday, October 31, 2011


Okay, so I borrowed that one from my niece. It's pretty good don'tcha think?!!!

I am still feverishly working on the illustrations for my book, so those of you chomping at the bit to get it, please pray and don't give up hope. It WILL happen, but it also has to be God's time.

I will have another alien pattern available this week sometime so look for that. Her name is Twila Two-Eyes and I can't wait for you all to meet her.

We have a couple more weeks left on our Sally raffle and I'm going to have to say that I'm a bit disappointed. We are not going to be able to donate as much as my children had hoped we would to Operation Christmas Child. That is, unless you all spread the word and can give.

Remember it's a donation of $1 a ticket or $5 for 6 tickets and a HUGE chunk goes to making sure kids everywhere have a Christmas. This program is very near and dear to my children's hearts and I just have to say that I'm very proud of them for forfeiting over half of their Christmas wish lists to spend it on kids they've never met. Won't you help them raise even more?

Just email me at for more info!!!

So for International Candy Day Festivies we are just about ready to go. I will post pictures later in the week. After all my kids do come up with some interesting costumes!!!

Remember, we have Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day T-shirts available and I take custom orders to make a Sally dolls (or any of my patterns) but you must order before Thanksgiving. My schedule is starting to fill up and I don't want to promise something I am unable to deliver.

Ya'll keep your chins up…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011



Well, I had an insomniac night a few nights ago so to keep myself busy, guess what I did?



Well, just what could you possibly knit in the somewhat darkness of your bedroom with a very dim bedside lamp you ask?


Here he is…

Hooty is one of those aliens inspired by my children’s drawings and knitted in the middle of an insomnia night! 
He desperately wants to be an owl and be nocturnal, but since he doesn’t have wings or a tail he is unable to fly. Also, he’s a daytime alien and can’t sleep at all during the day not even a nap. So instead he has his “hoot owl horns” and he perches in trees hoping that he blends in enough for all to believe as much as he even though he doesn’t get that nocturnal means during broad daylight he should be sleeping!!

Pattern Info:
Skill Level: EasySkills used: Basic knit stitch, increases, decreases, knitting in the round
Amount of Time To Complete Project: Depends on skill level 
Pattern Format: Adobe PDF file
Suggested Yarn: We recommend a cotton worsted weight, but you pick!
Needles: We recommend 4 mm (US 6). Hooty is knitted in the round and we LOVE the Magic Loop Method so break out your circular needles & DPNs!
Gauge: The pattern is written to be knit with worsted weight yarn on smaller needles but you can adjust it by simply knitting your yarn on needles 2-3 sizes small than those recommended to create a tight knit fabric the stuffing doesn’t show through. 
Finished size: Depends on the yarn you use!!

This 2 page pattern is very clearly written and includes unlimited email help from me in case you need a bit of help or get stuck!!! 

It's available for the low, low price of $3 in my etsy shop and you go there from here
and I will email you the pdf shortly after you purchase it.

He loves trees. I found him out in my magnolia tree this morning and if I didn't lock the front door I'm sure he'd be back out there in it!!!!

Well, I gotta get back to everything else. I just thought I'd let you all know he's out there. Go snag a pattern and make your own. He's super easy and fun!!!

Ya'll keep your chins up and have a great one…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011




This has been a labor of love and a time when I wish the graphic designer in me just wasn't so darn picky!

Cedar Pete's pattern is for sale in a couple of locations. One listing is in my etsy store and the other is on ebay. BOTH of those links are below.

I haven't had a moment lately to update my website, but I promise I'm working diligently on it. I'm still working through some bugs on the e-commerce end, but as soon as I get that worked out it will be back up to speed and the other places I list won't be so time consuming.

I'm working on "P" the Pig's pattern right now. It should be easier to complete and get uploaded for sale AND I'm working on book illustrations. I so want to have that finished so everyone can get their copy. I just know ya'll will love this book!!!!

Well…I gotta get back to it, there's much to accomplish today.

Ya'll keep it real and keep your chins up…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Yes, that's right! You read this correctly…
Cedar Pete's pattern is ALMOST READY! 

Just a couple of more "knit" picky things for me to nail down and I'll have it posted!!!

Of course I'll put the link for it on here as well, but I'm thoroughly excited to finally be getting it out and available.

I want to thank everyone who's been patiently waiting for it.
It's not the "MAIN" job I have, so sometimes finding time to wrap up final details get difficult.

I also want to let everyone know that I should be updating the website soon. I've neglected it and I have to apologize for that. There's just been a whole lot of crazy busy around here, but there's some changes happening and the website is going to become more of a priority where you can get things!

I'm trying to stay on track with the book. I may even get some drawing in today!! I haven't set a release date, but I'm still praying we can get it out before Christmas! 

Don't forget we still have our Super Sally contest going on. A donation of $1 gets you one entry or 6 entries for a donation of $5.
Email me at for more info or how to donate and enter. 

The Sally doll we're giving away is worth $300! She's just under 3 feet tall!!

We are also donating a portion of our proceeds to
Franklin Graham's Operation Christmas Child. 

You can also now purchase T-shirts on ebay (even cheaper than at our Zazzle shop!) and you can view my store at this link 

We have Youth sizes AND Adult available. 
If you don't find what you need, just email me. I'm sure I can hook you up!!

I have my Sally pattern listed as well as T-shirts.
Other things will be going there soon too!!

I'll try to keep ya'll updated on all the happenings.
Keep your chins up…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dirt Cake and Flowers!

Okay, so I took a break from knitting, writing patterns, illustrating and graphic designing today…

The basketball team my son is on, the girls' team and the cheerleaders from our junior high had a spaghetti dinner this evening and Joe was responsible for bringing something. He said he wanted to bring a dessert.


Okay, so I do cakes. That seems the easiest thing to do, BUT

I'm not really about to donate a $150 fondant covered cake to a team spaghetti dinner, am I?



I made a dirt cake instead.

Now if you've never had a dirt cake you are seriously missing out…butter and cream cheese whipped together with milk, instant pudding mix and powdered sugar (don't forget a touch of vanilla!) folded together with Cool Whip! Oh…and most importantly…CRUSHED-TO-OBLIVION OREOS!

Aren't you going into sugar shock just thinking about it?! =]


Most of these kids have probably had dirt cake, or at least something similar, so I decided to dress it up a bit. I know some people serve it in a flower pot, but that wouldn't be big enough to feed the number of people expected.


I put mine in a planter box, arranged some fake flowers on top (don't forget to add gummy worms!) and stuck a plastic shovel in it.

My son had to be the first one to dig in just because everyone else thought it was just a flower arrangement, but it did go over very well and I'm glad because that would've been an awful lot of dirt cake to have at my house over the weekend.

I'm going into a sugar coma just thinking about it!

Here's the pic! (I apologize that it's blurry…I took it with the camera on my phone and I guess I was in a bit of a hurry!!)

Well, I gotta get back to all the other stuff…

But first a game of "Guess Who?" with The Blonde One™.

It's always good to take time with the kiddos, even though most of our quality time is spent with them learning how to do the things I love to do!

Cedar Pete's pattern is almost ready. I'm just going to finish up some drawings for the sewing part of the pattern tonight and get them put in and it'll be ready to go. I'll post the link to the store as soon as it's up!

And don't forget about our Super Sally Raffle.

Remember…a donation of $1 a ticket or 6 tickets for $5. Email me at for more info on how to enter.

Well, gotta scoot!

Ya'll keep your chins up, even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have to admit that she was really fun to make. I think I'm digging her this size even more so than Super Sally.

I just wanted ya'll to see her! I've had a very weird and busy day (not really anything I can share here, but interesting none-the-less) and I need to get off here and finish up some things before I can move on to the next project.

I would like to update that the Cedar Pete pattern should be ready this week. My workload lately has kept  me from wanting to spend extra time at the computer so I have spent that time working on the illustrations for the book instead.

I keep thinking…at least I'm getting SOMETHING accomplished!

Hopefully the book will be finished soon too!

If any of you want to try making a sock Sally, just let me know. The pattern you purchase is the same, but I will reduce the clothes pattern for you. Just let me know which you would like to have.

Personally, and I AM BIASED…this one is kinda my fave!

Ya'll keep your chins up…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!

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