Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blanky Time!

Okay, so here it is… FINALLY…the promised free pattern!! Below the photo is a link that will take you to the page to download a printable pdf.

I think I'm going to have stop setting verbal deadlines and just write them down. Every time I commit to something verbally that has a deadline, it seems that anything and everything that could possible go wrong to keep me from it happens.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday and handled getting back to the regular daily grind wasn't too much for you. It seems for me that I worked that whole weekend, but it was all fun stuff and that is a bonus keeping it from really seeming like work.

As I finished this project and asked my daughter to help model it, she quickly claimed it for her Puppy Puppy as you can see. She is being required to knit her own, but apparently her stuffed doggy she's had since birth needed yet ANOTHER blanky creation from The Mom™ so I let her have it.

I would also like to mention that I am currently illustrating my first children's book. I will keep you all updated on it's progress. It is written and waiting on illustrations and that seems to be what is really keeping me up at night…I am unable to draw them quickly enough!

At some point in the process there will be a knitting/crocheting/sewing pattern for the main character and her outfit, but that may take me a little more time to pull together.

I will also keep you posted about patterns that will soon become available for purchase in my Etsy shop. If you like quick knit toys, you're sure to enjoy these.

Until next time, keep knitting (or whatever you do) with a smile…

even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!

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