Monday, August 8, 2011

Stuff Going On!

Okay, so I'm still working on that pattern for NubbleNut™ Nancy. I got a little side-tracked with happenings this weekend.

The Hubs™ got in a major cleaning mood and I'm just thanking God because I seriously needed some help around here getting rid of some things and I love when he's in a throw-it-away mood!!

I'm also still working on illustrations for the children's book but we have other major things happening this week that may put that on hold for a week.

My kids have decided they would like to go back to public school this year so we're going to try it. We must go in this Thursday to get them registered and pick a schedule for the 7th grader (yes, I said 7th!) and ensure we get the teacher we want for the 4th grader.

I will say that I'm picky about my kids' teachers and I don't really believe there's anything wrong with that so I'm just going to say right now I'm not going to apologize for my opinions or beliefs on what goes on in our school. I know some of our teachers (and they know who they are!) do an awesome job. Then there are others that I often wonder how they still have a job, but then I remember there are politics and cliques EVERYWHERE and if you have the right name, or know the right people then you can have anything you want without working for it.

I have the opposite problem. I don't know anybody special and I don't have a popular name, so there's nothing but God going to help me. In fact I've actually been put down TO MY FACE because of "working too much and instilling that work ethic into my children?" Who cares what those people think? I'm just going to continuing working for what I have because I believe that's what's right and what God would have me to do.

People who cheat the system, and life for that matter, will reap unpleasant rewards in the end and it's not for me to judge. I'm just going to continue to teach my children work is always the right way to go, have ultimate pride in your work because no one else will and always do what you know in your heart is right, whether or not the outcome is really what you wanted. God doesn't provide our WANTS He provides our NEEDS.

Anywho…I'm getting off my soapbox for now. I just wanted to let everyone know I was still alive and busy working on things. Hopefully after school starts (on the 19th!) I will be able to get more accomplished and get it on here and out to you!

Everyone keep it real…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!

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