Friday, August 19, 2011

Book On Hold!

Okay…everybody who knows me should know one major thing (okay, maybe it's TWO things)…

I HATE missing deadlines and I HATE being late.

Well…life has gotten just a bit crazy and with some unexpected things happening and Hootin an Hollarin (see previous posts!) for which to prepare I have to announce that the children's book is being put on hold.

I really wanted it to be ready by the end of August but then I found out my boss is taking a vacate, my kids are starting school and there was an extra special section thrown in there somewhere (I do have a regular job on top of all my freelance stuff!) so time to finish it is getting away from me.

I've also discovered that I am totally unable to draw when I don't get quiet time to myself to just sit and reflect on what the ultimate goal of the drawing is.

I mean, let's be real, I'm an artist and I must be inspired prior to the pencil hitting the paper. If I should try to force it, what would come out?

NASTY………………because who wants to look at a forced drawing?

Nobody…that's who.

So it saddens me that I'm not able to get it ready, but I want it to be the best, not just another something mediocre.

On a brighter note…I think I'll have a contest of sorts. It may be a raffle or something but all the details haven't been worked out just yet. I will post something about it when I get it in order. I just get really excited about my super huge Sally and think it would be awesome to have a contest for one.

I will post pics of her when she is finished.

A typical Sally won't be able to stand on her own, but this one is special. She's my first giant Sally and I plan on utilizing her within my business so I'm taking the time to engineer her to be able to stand and look at though she is waving.

BTW, for those of you who don't knit and would still like to purchase some of my items, I hope to be taking orders soon. I don't want to totally overwhelm myself and not be able to fulfill orders people might like to give as Christmas gifts, but we'll see how my schedule goes and I'll post something about it.

I will try to get NubbleNut™ Nancy's pattern up for sale this weekend. She's really cute and a quick easy knit. Her pattern won't cost as much as Sally's because there's no clothes to sew, but I think you knitters out there will still enjoy her.

I also have a couple of alien patterns to get uploaded for sale. One is a two-needle pattern and one for in-the-round. I'll let you know when those are up as well.

Please feel free to go to my website!contact

and drop me a line about anything. Share your projects, let me know if you'd be interested in a contest or raffle, just ANYTHING you might like to share and I'll get back to you.

Remember…Hootin an Hollarin is just around the corner…September 15, 16 & 17 in Gainesville Missouri.

Ya'll keep it real…even if you're having frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!

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