Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MEET NubbleNut™ NATE!!!

As promised, here is a FREE pattern for all my knitting friends!

My daughter was asked to name him and thoughtfully said, "I'm not sure what his name should be, but he looks like a NubbleNut™!"

Sooooooo…it STUCK!

What's a mom to do but come up with a whole line of NubbleNuts™?!!!

So that's what we're doing…

Our smaller NubbleNuts™ patterns will be available free for download at various times (Nate's is here)


and I will link to it from all my regular places such as Ravelry, Craftsy, my website, etc.

As we write them, the larger ones will be patterns for sale in my etsy shop as well as my website after I get it ecommerced (still working out some bugs!)

I am still in the process of finishing the illustrating of my book and that is going to take priority for right now in the creativity department. I also have some other character patterns (that go along with an annual festival in our hometown) that I'm in the middle of writing so as soon as the book is finished, I'm going back to those.

But let me know what you think of NubbleNut™ Nate and feel free to post your projects at Ravelry when you're finished. I'd love to see them!

Take care and keep those smiles…even if it's a frizzy hair on a sunny day kinda day!!!!

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