Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Busy Rainy Day!!!

Well…where do I start?

Oh, yeah, waking up on a day that I normally get to forget about graphic design and do what I WANT to do I wake up to sounds I don't normally hear…

The Dad™ already has both kids up and cleaning! I said CLEANING!!

They're not just loading the dishwasher, vacuuming floors, dusting and taking out the trash…they're TAKING OUT THE TRASH!!!!

Both kids and The Dad™ each have 29 gallon trash bags walking through the house throwing stuff OUT!! YAY!

BUT…that throws a crimp in my day. You see, if I don't jump in and help then things I have sorted ready to be put away will be gone through AGAIN and disorganized AGAIN!!!

Sometimes their idea of cleaning really throws The Mom™ for a loop and moves things around I already knew where were so the next time I'm asked, 'Where's such and such?" I'm not going to know because it got moved and not by me!!

SO…The Mom™ has spent the morning cleaning with The Fam™ and we've gotten quite a bit accomplished and I'm happy about it. Now back to what I really wanted to do today.

I do have some ads that need to be done for we have Hootin an Hollarin coming up and I have deadlines at the office for that. I also have a t-shirt design to draw and some other designing that I need get done so I don't feel like a crazy person when the festival comes around. (Below is last years drawing for the shirt!)

Oh, I guess I should explain what Hootin an Hollarin is…every year during the third full weekend (that includes a Thursday, Friday & Saturday) in September our little town ropes off the square (we're the county seat!) and we have a huge hoedown!

People come from near & far to shop, hog call & clog. We have a turkey shoot (no real turkeys are shot, it's just targets), a pet show (you can bring ANYTHING you call a pet!) and we even have bed AND outhouse races! It's quite a sight for it takes over almost our whole town and everyone in our county turns out for it!!

My kids and I usually make something to sell each year. For the last three years we've sold hillbilly hats. We have the plain black ones like below, but we also have neon, camo, zebra stripe, leopard print, giraffe print and regular primary colors (and they're all mixed and matched as well!) We still have those for sale and last year we made marshmallow catapults and I'm positive we still have more of those. I'm not sure yet what they want to do, but like I said, we still have plenty of stuff to sell so we may not need to "make" anything more.

I'm also still working on that NubbleNut™ Nancy pattern. It's taken a different direction and I just haven't gotten it finished and typed up yet. I promise it will be soon. The pattern will be for sale at my etsy shop, but I'll post a link for it as soon as it's available.

Everybody keep it real…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny (or a rainy) day!

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