Friday, September 30, 2011

Sock Sally (and other things)

Okay, I guess I'm now going to have to start taking orders to make Sally. I had a friend as me to make a smaller one so I used sock yard instead of worsted weight and she's…well…TINY!

I shall post pics as soon as I am finished with her!

I am working on illustrations for the children's book this evening. I am hoping to get that back on schedule and have it available before Christmas.

It would be helpful though if the funds to publish were there. So The Hubs™ came up with a great idea. Why not have a raffle and donate 1/2 of the funds to one of our favorite organizations/charities and the other half goes to publishing costs.

I mean, people are wanting the book, but even if I were finished with it it would still be sitting here waiting to be published due to lack of funds so…


Now the Super Sally we're raffling is worth about $300. I mean, she takes a week to make and a lot of materials, time and effort goes into her…not to mention she's almost 3 feet tall!

The easiest way to enter our raffle is this…tickets are $1 a piece or 6 for $5. If you purchase a Sally pattern your name gets entered or if you order a doll. I will try to have dolls available to order up on the website soon, but the ticket purchase is the easiest.

Email me at for info on how to purchase your tickets and we'll get your name entered into the drawing!

Our raffle is running until November 15, 2011. We will draw the winner's name in time for Sally to be shipped and received by Christmas. There will be a couple of smaller prizes for  second & third place winners and those will be announced shortly.

So email me and get your tickets today!!!

I'm still working on Cedar Pete's pattern and it's almost ready for upload. I will post something here as soon as it's available for purchase.

And don't forget we still have Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day™ shirts available!

Ya'll keep your chins up, even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!

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