Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So Many Things…

Well, as you can tell if you come by here on a daily (or weekly even) basis…I'm not doing so hot to keep updating as much as I'd like. Things just get busier and busier!!

It's also very, very COLD!!!! 

I'm not sure our heat has kicked off since 4 am this morning. I love being able to cuddle under warm blankies with the kids, dog and cats, 
but they only way I think it's going to warm up is if it…dare I say it? 

Today both of my children are home sick, it's a deadline day for my newspaper job 
(thankfully I'm almost finished and it isn't even noon yet!) and both kids have doctor's appointments 
in another town this afternoon to get this nasty nipped in the bud.

But that's only PART of my day.

I have FIVE new fingerless mitt designs I've been trying to get pulled together, typed, pics taken, etc. 
to get uploaded as well as several fun things as well. As soon as they are all finished, 
I will post links to their pages!

Over the holidays, I created an apple in a worm for my daughter's teacher and she loved it so much 
I thought "Why not write out the pattern." 
So I did and I'm working on getting that pulled together as well.

It also comes apart and they sit on their own!!

I hope to get a few made up to sell in my etsy store!! 
The written pattern will be available at my Ravelry and Craftsy stores.

Also, don't forget to go to the Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day Sally facebook page and like us 
to keep up on happenings!

Something else I wanted to share…please go and visit my friend over at Millie Fern Originals.
She is having a give away this week until Friday and you can check that out here.

She has some of the cutest designs ever!!!

I really would love to win this bunny!!!!

And check out her etsy store! It's full of lots of cute critters and items!!

Well, that's it for me today. I gotta finish up my paper duties and get those kiddos to the doctor 'cause they're not old enough to drive themselves!!!!

Keep your chin up…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!

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