Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All Things New!

Well, it's been a crazy end to the old year and an even crazier beginning to the new year!

We are STILL sending out Christmas items (Merry New Year!) because I ended up having to purchase a new-to-me van in the middle of the Christmas shopping season. Now we're playing catch-up on sending out gifts. But hey, you gotta take care of the necessary things you gotta take care of and just hope those family members understand.

My son's soccer team, Khaos, recently had their final game of the season. They were playing indoor for games so that kept us from freezing, but they were practicing outside and it's cold out there people. I call that dedication.

oh! designs / Onnica Hutchings ©2013

The kid in orange up against the wall is #11 Joseph Hutchings

 Tammy Predmore Drenske © 2013

Now we're headed into popcorn basketball for the daughter. Since school hasn't been back in session for the new year due to snow days we don't know what team she is on and when they're going to practice. I'm ready to get back into a schedule that's not quite so chaotic.

We also added two more kitties to our household this past year. In June P-Dog™ rescued a little kitty in our backyard that had been hiding out in our shed. She was still so small I had to bottle feed her. By the time we decided we would try to find her another home my kids had named her, the dog was cuddled up mothering her and everyone was pretty much attached. The Dad™ ended up with the final say of "we're keeping her", so we did just that. Her name is Lizzie Wednesday.

Onnica Hutchings © 2013

The second one we found on a rainy night the first week of November. I've decided to believe he caught a ride into town on someone's engine, crawled out when the engine got cold and then got let behind. He was standing in the middle of the Subway parking lot when we stopped to get gas and The Blonde One™ nor myself were planning on leaving him there. He also had a pretty nasty gash in his leg so we brought him home, cleaned him up and doctored him. By the time his leg really started healing he already had a name and The Dad™ once again was attached so he stated "this is the LAST ONE! but we're keeping him." So we did and named him Duke (as in John Wayne).

Onnica Hutchings © 2014

P-Dog™ has been going everywhere with us. She hit the age of two in October and calmed down tremendously so I decided to start her for service dog training. 
I'm training her for personal mobility and balance and she's doing a wonderful job. 
I hope I never have to utilize her fully for what she is being trained, but in the event I do, 
all the time and effort will be totally worth it. 
A bonus…it really comes naturally for her and that just makes it so much easier 
with which to deal!

We decided to try to get her into the water this summer and we finally succeeded. The closest local pool had a "Doggie Dive-In Day" before they closed it for the season so we took her for a swim. She didn't much care for the water, but introducing her to other dogs that did like the water helped tremendously.

Ava Parks Ava Parks ©2013

She also won 1st place at our local Hootin an Hollarin pet show this past September for Hardest Working Dog.

Ozark County Times ©2013

But enough about our dog because my kids get teased enough that mom 
loves the dog more than them even though they have admitted it would kill them 
just as much as it would me if we lost her.

The Dad™ has just been busy at work and I'm just trying to get the house purged (FINALLY!!! Our trash guys I'm sure are beginning to hate me!) and back to all the mom stuff and creative things that I really want to get back to working on. Continue to come back and check up on me. I promised myself to keep up with my Frizzy Hair stuff better this year.

And remember…keep your chin up…
God loves you no matter what…even if you have 
frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!!

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  1. Such a happy blog! Thanks for catching me up. I chuckle at visions of a little tiny woman handling a big giant (but sweet) dog. Good idea training your own service dog in advance! Love ya! - Cousin (toolazytocreateanaccount) Gwen