Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gearing up!!!


is all I have to say right now!!!

I have been SOOOO super busy with things I've barely been knitting. In fact, the knitting group I teach at my church is taking a break until the second Wednesday of December. There are too many things going on to keep up!!!

So, what have I been doing you ask…


My daughter is in special choir at our elementary school and they're working on this little musical that is going to be pretty awesome (and this isn't from a biased mother of course!) We're coming down to the final days before our big performance and I'm sewing like a mad woman and I'm getting really excited about our upcoming showtime.

So if any of my local peeps would like to come see a great little show, here's the info. We'd love to see you there!!

Well, that's it for now. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday. And for all you crazies out there who shop the day after, good luck to ya! I'm doing mine on the internet this year!!!

Everybody keep your chins up and keep it real…even if you have frizzy hair on a sunny day!!!!

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