Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Helloooooo Sunshine!!

Okay, first let me just tell everyone, I love winter.

I love everything in my house about winter (well, not the electric bill) and it's the perfect time for cuddling with The Hubs™ and the kids. I love all my fleece jackets that are so unattractive and my comfy pants that are fuzzy and keep me warm. I also love that my comfy pants are one of those things that make my kitties follow me through the house hanging on to the hope I may sit down and they may jump into my lap, even if it's just for a moment.

I even love the snow. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom used to bundle up my sister and me and the neighbor kids built us snow forts. Without the cold and snow there would be no reason for hot chocolate, with or without marshmallows (I prefer without). I mean, God made seasons for a reason and without snow, we just haven't had winter.

Well, we've had snow a couple of times here, it's melted and now…it's time for spring.

That being said…

Today was just too much.

I normally have a pretty light Wednesday work wise, unless I've taken on some freelance or a cake job, but today was an exception. We're coming down to the wire on a deadline for our magazine that's published yearly and I have a stack of ad work orders on my desk.

Today was not a day for the sun to come out…according to my thought process anyway.

It's been so much easier for me to focus on the tasks at hand on cloudy and dreary days. But today…that sun just kept creeping through my blinds, which I had to shut to stay focused, just beckoning me to come out and bask in it.

I started my day off pretty well. I'm just working along, ads are churning out and then The Hubs™ comes home from work. I cooked him dinner (he doesn't eat breakfast before going to sleep for the day!) and I fixed the kids some lunch and got them back into their studies for the day. I sat back down to refocus…

and then the phone rang…

It wasn't enough the sun and my family was distracting me, but then I am forced to "deal" with a situation that had already been discussed, I'm sure an email had been sent regarding the same, and it had been decided a couple of weeks ago. Why am I having to hand hold someone on a volunteer issue where the decision had already been made about how it would be handled? UGH!

Leave me alone, I NEED to work!!!!

I called necessary people, emailed who I needed to and tried to get back to work.

And then…the toilet seat in my children's bathroom broke. I don't mean it cracked or something simple to fix like WD-40ing the hinges. It BROKE, the hinges ripped right out of the wooden seat and left the lid hanging in mid-air!!!

The thing I love (insert sarcasm here) about wooden toilet seats is that they're almost always equipped with metal hinges. Well, those things rust and eventually seize up on you. I know this, but we've only had this seat on there maybe 6 months! REALLY?!! That soon?!!!!

YES…the building supply is still open. I can make it down there and back and get the toilet functioning again in no time flat. We will not all have to spend the day sneaking in and out of mom and dad's bathroom chancing waking up The Dad™.


In trying to get the old bolts out I went through a half a can of WD-40, stripped out at least one of the bolt heads with my regular screwdriver and broke off all the wings on the nuts (these were plastic and I still haven't figured out how those got so stuck to the metal bolt, but OKAY!) So…power tools…here I come.

Now anyone who knows me knows I don't give up easily. I will step back, assess the situation and try something different. I may not be "technical" with things but I will at least "try." Again, I do not use the word "can't." Something has got to work.

So out come the vice grips and the drill. I'm sure this makes for a comical picture, but it's a true one nevertheless. I was finally able to get one bolt out thus making it a little easier to work on the one that was really giving me issues. And then I broke that part of the hinge into little pieces.

Now I'm looking into the toilet with no lid or seat on it and my face is…exposed. I have to say at this point that I've never tried to screw nuts onto bolts installing or uninstalling a seat/lid without the lid actually…being there. It was, to say the least, disgusting. Seriously, I'm looking right into the toilet and thinking to myself, "I should clean this thing more often than I do. It's pretty gross."

Frustrated that I've spent an hour getting to this point (something that should've taken fifteen minutes MAX!) I grab my needle nose pliers and the top of this bolt. I finally managed to work it free and then replace the old seat/lid with the new one (which I scored for $7 and some change!)

Great! Now it's time to start supper. Well I am great at multi-tasking. I'll work while I cook.

And I did. I got quite a few ads accomplished while cooking. Okay, I'm feeling better now.

My favorite show for Wednesday came on and I watched, got The Hubs™ up and ready to go for work, kids are in bed and now I can finally work.

And then I realize…I should've just taken half an hour today to take my kids outside, enjoy the sunshine and then refocus on the tasks at hand. We all would have enjoyed it, it would benefit us with needed vitamins and I know I would've been a whole lot less cranky in dealing with the crazy situations that were thrown at me today.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this…I'm not Super Woman, Wonder Woman, or anything remotely close to those. I have faults just the same as everyone. I allowed everything today to aggravate me instead of choosing to not be offended or distracted and that was my fault.

Think of how much time I wasted being aggravated, stressed and cranky. No one benefited from my attitude today, especially me. It was not time well spent.

Well…not tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up with this goal for the day and every day after that. I'm going to choose to stay positive & happy.

I'm going to have Frizzy Hair on a Sunny Day with a huge smile on my face.

And to my friend in California who sends me daily PQ's…
thanks, I needed that!

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