Monday, February 21, 2011

Frizzy Hair On A Sunny Day?

After being prodded by several friends to start my own blog, I sit here and reluctantly begin to write (TYPE, I'm TYPING!) Now this is not the funny, day-to-day stuff that I am setting out to write about in this blog. I'm not trying to offend anyone by starting this way, but before getting to the fun I feel I must get something off my chest.

In dealing with some life situations that have come to be in my little spot in the middle of nowhere, I'm reminded of many things from my childhood that it seems are simply not taught in our day and time.

Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's almost as if as adults we expect our own children to just KNOW things that we ourselves have not taken the responsibility to TEACH them ourselves. And forget the parents who simply seem to still be teenagers wrapped up in their own little worlds of "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!!" I don't have the time or the space here to open that humongous can of worms. It's too deep for me to dive into!

But back to the main reason I started writing this. I know I'm finding every day things that I'm sure I covered, but somehow still managed to overlook. HOW could I have missed expressing the whole "please remember to put the cap on that so it doesn't dry out" or "don't try to drink while you're walking because you'll spill it" and other things that seems to be "common sense" and spoken plain enough for even toddler minds to have a grasp on?

Are my kids drinking some special water that causes their brains to block learning sensors? Why do they stand there with a glazed look on their face like my mouth may be moving but the mute button has been pressed? Or just the mere fact that they're quiet but the moment my voice is heard interrupt mode kicks in and The Mom's spoken word is overwritten. WHAT? Yeah, I know that one too!!

Maybe that's just it…"common sense."

Sense just doesn't seem to be too common anymore.

Common sense that manners matter.
Listening, not talking, makes you smarter.

And then there's my personal favorite…and those of you on board with me I'm sure will agree it's aggravating…EVERYONE'S A WINNER!

WHAT?!!!!!!!! REALLY?!!!!!!!!

Now, I have to say, when my children were smaller I did let them win at board games and hide-n-go-seek, but they're much bigger now and if I let them win they get angry! They want to win on their own merits just as badly as the next person!

What infuriates me is what is creeping into every corner of everything my children work hard for…sports, academics, whatever is out there…"EVERYONE IS SPECIAL."

Does this not imply that life is fair? Wait…but it isn't.

"If everyone is special, then no one is." ~ Mr. Incredible

I totally agree…

How am I expected to teach my children to "DO THEIR BEST" when doing their best isn't going to matter and they will never have the same "fair" that "everyone is special" is supposed to provide?

(Yes, my son went through Cub Scouts with me as a leader and has advanced to Boy Scouts!)

You've been there…no matter how hard your child tries there's always those couple of kids who win the prize because it's one of a couple of things…they're in the "Clique" or someone feels pity for them.

So what's so special about that?

I'm not trying to stand on my soap box and tell everyone I'm the best mom because I've taught my kids this and that better than anyone else. Let me get off that box right now and let someone else stand there…but really, what are we teaching our children? It seems it's not the way it used to be, but maybe it should be.

And then I wonder what we as adults are really TEACHING…or are we?

Keep in mind this one thing…we are always watched whether we think we are or not and our actions DO speak louder than words. So what ARE you teaching?

I'm teaching frizzy hair on a sunny day!

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